Strong Armed Robbers Q&A and Mini-documentary

Strong Armed ANSWERS, Q&A with Fish Fisher:

1. "When does the SAR album release?" - We're scheduled to drop the full length album 'Room 18' April 30th & cant wait for yall to hear it. 

2. "What is the Album gonna be called?" - ROOM 18. 

3. "What is Judgement Day about?" - The trials, tribulations & rewards & redemptions living within the music industry. Emi, Alisha & me wrote this & were reflecting on the common pressures that we face and that all artists or public figures have to navigate thru. Industry bigwigs trying to change you, fans giving their input on how you look, labels courting you with the tactical plan to try to change the very person their courting, etc. It made for good subject matter for a song. By the end though we couldn't help but point out how much that magnifies the good & supportive people within our circle & industry wide. Thank God for good-hearted folks. You mean the world to songwriters & performers! 

4. "Does Diddy sing lead vocs on any songs?" - Heck YEAH!!! Get ready for Rapunzel & I'll Be Better. He's owning the mic on both!!! 

5. "Has Emi left The Rain?" - Heck NO! Emisunshine And The Rain is still at it and will likely be on the road again 2021. Strong Armed Robbers is a just a new side project with a different collection of songs, alternative sound & where we get to be more collaborative on mixing up vocal duties together. 2/3 of SAR are in THE RAIN & the other 1/3 is a huge fan of THE RAIN so we'd never let one project interrupt the other lol. 

6. "Will there be SAR live shows?" - We sure hope so. I suspect we'll figure that kind of thing out for special performances now & then in our futures. We love being on stage together. We're making this up as we go for now though. 

7. "Who are the BAND OF THIEVES?" - That's just our term for the incredible backing band we assembled for our album & for Emi's upcoming solo album. It's a dream team of over 25 remarkable players from across the country & around the world. We are blessed with a once in a lifetime lineup of musicianship. 

8. "EmiSunshine is releasing a solo album too???" - YES!!!! We've been busy y'all. The most exciting thing about SARs is we're actually the stepping stone to the newest EmiSunshine album and More details announced soon but it drops this summer & features the SARs lineup, BAND OF THIEVES ensemble, songs crafted by Alisha, Emi & me (et al) and the same production team as SAR. We call these sister-albums. 20 songs total in one year. If you like what SARs is doing you're gonna LOVE what Emi delivers. 

9. "Are you (Fish) still doing solo material" - I'm currently in the studio in Knoxville working on my new album. Prolly drop it this fall. Me & Diddy are Emi's biggest fans so we're kinda happily distracted with just roootin' for Emi's new stuff the first half of this year but we all got other new things to announce later on. 

10. "Who are the secret Robbers?" - Lol. Me & Diddy & Emi's faces are shown all over this project but Alisha Hamilton & Chuck Mauk are just as Robber-ridden as the rest of us. Alisha is our primary lyricist & cowriter on every song (Emi, her & I have always been a trio of writers) and Chuck is our drummer & co-producer. They just like being behind the scenes a little bit. The 5 of us have co-produced every aspect of these 2 sister-albums so we work very closely on our shenanigans. We call ourselves Small Circle Productions for that side of the soundboards. 

Hope this helps keep yall in the loop. Keep sending Q's & I'll see if I can get another Robber to answer next time.